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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The story of the Statue of Freedom contains within it the history of the name America. From the time when Europeans first landed in the Western Hemisphere, land masses, and Nation-States were named in the feminine. America was a woman who represented her Land and People in Atlases and maps from its inception.

On January 26, 1776, “The Female Combatants,” an anonymous cartoon from the Revolutionary War, was published and archived. The two females shown represent a mother and daughter. The Mother, “Britannia” symbolizes England, the Old World, Africa-Asia-European Continent, and the Daughter is “America” the New World.

Mothers are the first protectors and their images have always been used to represent the Land and the People. From Statues of gold to trinkets of stone and wood, her watchful eye is known and loved throughout the ages. Lady Freedom reminds us of this vital relationship. The etching, an allegorical-satirical representation, shows clearly the force by which England was trying to over-take America.

“I’ll force you to Obedience, you Rebellious Slut,” says the controlling mother “Britannia” to her daughter, “America” who is a young native woman. “America” replies, “Liberty, Liberty forever Mother, while I exist.”

Such passion and strength of will expressed by the daughter exemplified the European colonial ambitions towards freedom, and it was not to be stopped. America soon demanded her freedom and won!   

A picture tells a thousand words. The fact that a mother and daughter were chosen to represent the land and the political intentions of a country tells a story in and of itself. “Britannia” or Brittānia is the Latin name for Britain and is associated with the land of the Britons. From this land comes the story, a legend of a great *BattleQueen.

Within the past our future resides. By knowing our history (her-story), we can see our future. We may even begin to understand more of who América is now by finding out who she was. That’s exactly what we will be doing in the coming months ahead before the book, Beloved Freedom - Secret On Top of the Capitol Dome is published.

In closing, mother and daughter relationships are not all easy. Some, in fact, are quite complicated especially when both are strong individuals. It is known, however, that even the most difficult relationships deepen with love and respect through the passage of time.


Katya Miller & Kristen Farquhar


“The Female Combatants” Etching and engraving, Hand-colored. Unknown artist. University of Yale Collection.

Footnote 1. Anonymous Original Authors 2nd Century BCE to 1st Century C.E, “The Kolbrin Bible” The Britain Book (Your Own World Book, 2005), 520.


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