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Beautifully written. You are a true emissary of the Lady.  Thank you for sharing this with me; it deserves to be shared with others. I hope you can find a place to publish this important piece.

Julian Spalding

Former publisher, Albuquerque Magazine of the Arts

When I first found America in 2007, there was little written about her. Your writing is timely, and feels deeply important for our country. Her presence is truly needed in our world today, and your story may well be a healing for us all. Thank you again, Katya.

Shawn LaSala Kimmel

Katya Miller is a diligent researcher and an able and talented writer, so I know her proposed book will be thoroughly researched, informative and readily accessible to the public.  Over the years that we have corresponded about her project, I have been impressed with her persistence, enthusiasm and dedication to this project, Her work will not only celebrate the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the statue but it will also add great depth to our historical and symbolic understanding of the work itself. 

Donald Grinde

Professor of Transnational/American Studies

Suny, Buffalo

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