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Lady Freedom - Let the Healing Begin!

On December 6, 2023, Biden told all that his administration is working to “heal the wrongs of the past” at the White House Tribal Nation’s Summit and signed an executive order. The order will make it easier for Indigenous people to access financial support and have greater control spending it. 

The summit was successful in many ways and gives great hope for a new and bright future. The kind of hope that comes with Tribal Sovereignty and the words spoken by Biden. “A new era grounded in dignity and respect that recognizes your fundamental rights to govern and grow on your own terms.” 

Many First Nations were highlighted in the talks which included the Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee people — people of the Longhouse. “Biden also threw his support behind a request to allow Haudenosaunee Confederacy to compete under its own flag in the 2028 Olympics in lacrosse, a sport they invented.”


Kristen Farquhar

Lady Freedom Council


Drew Angerer/Getty Images


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