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Oh Columbia!

She is not Columbia! Many think the Statue of Freedom that stands above our nation’s capitol is “Columbia,” a popular and durable classical Goddess that most are familiar with from watching the beginnings of Hollywood films. She had a torch above her head .. and is not Lady Freedom!

Columbia was created at the end of the 17th century by literary poets and writers of the time along with many musicians, composers and journalists. It wasn’t till later, when artists gave her a visual expression. She is often seen in classical white robes, or the national banner, and sometimes one can see her with the dates of the Declaration of Independence and the formulation of the Constitution. The influence from Europe is clearly seen with the helmet, shield, and spear of Minerva. The difference between these two women is striking! If you had to choose, which one would you prefer to represent you?

Learn more about Lady Freedom, who she is, and what she symbolizes for the country and the world right now by researching through her website ( and the many archives, videos and blogs.


Kristen Farquhar

Photograph of Lady Freedom

Daniel Teafoe

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