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National Human Trafficking Day 2023

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Iroquois Women Call Out!

Human Trafficking Day 2023: The U.S. Senate ratified the resolution in 2007 making January 11th the day we observe nationally as, Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In 2010, the entire month of January was dedicated to ‘bringing to light’ this dark and uncomfortable truth in our world and secured it as, National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. In 2016, it was enforced.

Indigenous communities around the world have suffered greatly from the ghastly slave and human-trafficking trade, but we are finding out there are no racial barriers to this fiendish reality. They do, however, show us the way.

Lady Freedom Circle, in the past two years, has had the honor and privilege of being in conversation with the Mohawk Bear Clan Mother, Louise Herne and her close group of courageous women, as they were given the abhorrent news of their children. They, and their people the Iroquois Confederacy known as the Haudenosaunee (People of the Long House), have taken great strides, along with their relations, to right this terrible wrong.

We witnessed in them a great courage rarely seen and it arose from their deep pain and anger as they learned of their children’s mass graves in Canada. They then took it upon themselves to face Canada’s Parliament, the pope, and the Vatican to make things right and they did it with grace, peace and power. Their movement is called Rematriation which is in essence, The Return of the Sacred to the Mother.

What has befallen these heroic people cannot really be described in words; however, they do very much have their own voices and it is through the timely broadcast of Women Rising Radio, arranged by Katya Miller and supported by she and myself, that we are gifted with an intimate conversation with these remarkable women of our time.

Link to the radio program and an informative article by Katya Miller titled, Conversations with Clan Mothers follows: Women Rising Radio:

Inquiries for Lady Freedom Circle Conversation, Events:

Author: Kristen Farquhar

Photograph: Katsitsionni Fox, Sacred Empty Cradleboard, Michelle Shenandoah

Vatican, Rome, Italy March 2022

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