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Constitution Week 9/17-23, 2023 & Lady Freedom

Lady Freedom watches o'er the country from atop the Capitol Building in Washington. She heralds in Constitution Week: September 17-23, 2023! What's quite amazing is that this week, dedicated to the signing of the Constitution for the United States, also includes International Day of Peace on the 21st, Native American Day on the 22nd and the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd!

International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981 and is observed throughout the world. The intention has always been to support non-violence and to build a culture around peace.

Native American Day is celebrated by several states in September while others recognize the First Nation People on other days throughout the year. To honor Indigenous People of the North American Continent during Constitution Week seems right and good. Their history is important to America's history. The Iroquois/Haudenosaunee Confederacy in particular were instrumental in inspiring the Founding Fathers in the creation of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The last day, Autumn Equinox is a powerful time when the solar light and darkness is in balance. The time has been noted and celebrated by many people and the ancient ones around the world for millennia. There are no coincidences. It is a good week to celebrate what some have called the greatest human document ever written: The United States Constitution.


Kris Farquhar

​Lady Freedom Council


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