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Lady Freedom Circle & The Mothers of Nations Gathering 2023

The Mothers of Nation’s Gathering that took place in early May this year was a powerful time of growth and introspection for all who were present. We gathered on Akwesasne Mohawk Territory in upper-state New York. Thank you to all who made our journey possible.

It was an honor and a privilege to be on that land - land where the Great Law of Peace was first spoken — and to be under the “wings” of the Mohawk Bear Clan Mother.

So many have strayed from our natural earth roots and cycles. However, mature women are reminded every month as their bodies respond to the call to carry life, or not. The gathering reminded me of what it means to be a mother of not only one child, but of a community, and the responsibility that comes along with that role, especially in these times of great change.

Lady Freedom Council and others were called from many places across the Americas and the Old World for each carries a nation, (a community) unto themselves. But we all gathered as one heart in one purpose for the one Earth to convene and commemorate Mother Law and what that means to bring back into our nation and our world.

Louise Bear Herne, Bear Clan Mother of the Mohawk Nation Council says it best in the words that follow….

MOTHERS OF NATIONS in Unity ushers in Mother Law and upholds an Ancestral Agreement that many people in the World have forgotten.

We are each Mothers of a Nation.

We come from an intricate woven Web of Women's Wisdom.

We are the matriline of every life-giving ancestor and a descendant of Mothers.

We hold the great wisdom of the cosmos and carry the seeds of creation within us.

We are our Mother, the Earth, and she is us.

We are Creation, we are Life.

Restore the Heart of the Mother.

When you live in a feminine world, there is LOVE, there is EQUALITY, there is BALANCE... NO MAN GOES HUNGRY.

Protect her and she will provide.

Author: Wakerakats:te, Iakoiane of Roiane Tehanakari:ne

Bear Clan Mother of the Mohawk Nation Council

Louise Bear Herne

Author: Kris Farquhar

Lady Freedom Council

Photograph: Katsitsionni Fox

Haudenosaunee Bear Clan

Artist & Filmmaker

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