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International Peace Day 9/21

Hawai’i’s Sacred Destiny & Lady Freedom

What is Hawai’i’s Sacred Destiny? and how could it be connected to the Lady of Freedom who stands atop the US Capitol dome in Washington DC? 

The connecting link is, Morrnah Nalamakua Simeona, a kahuna lapa’au whose life began May 19, 1913 and passed from this world February 11, 1992. She was born of native Hawaiians, Kimokeo and Lilia Simeona. Her mother was a kahuna la’au kahea or priest and one who heals with words. Morrnah carried her mother’s gift of “healing with words” and gave to the world the Ho’oponopono Prayer.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Life-Way with native Hawaiians for restoring and building relationships with families and ancestors through forgiveness, reverence and “Aloha” which is Divine love. Morrnah simplified it for the world knowing we needed it. She did so by using four powerful lines: I’m sorry — Please forgive me — Thank you — I love you. 

In her own words, “The main purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself.” Today it is considered a “problem solving process to release memories that are experienced as problems.” (

With this sacred “kapu” work, she established her, Foundation of I Inc. (Freedom for the Cosmos) and taught the practice and philosophy of “Divine Presence within” throughout the world. During this time in the 80s, she had what many might call an “out of body experience” with the STATUE OF FREEDOM, but for Morrnah — it was Divine connection. Her own words follow....

“I was sitting on the front lawn of the capital building in Washington DC. I was looking up at the figure on top of the dome, she looked down at me and said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ And I said, “Oh, your Pocahontas.” She said, ‘No. I’m the Lady of Freedom.’ And she said, ‘From today on, your work will be setting me free.’ 

And that’s exactly what she did. Besides being responsible for raising $25,000.00 to recover Lady Freedom’s plaster model cast of the original bronze statue from the basement of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington (!!) to be where it is now in the US Capitol Visitor’s Center, Morrnah presented a bill to the Hawaiian House Committee on Intergovernmental Relations and International Affairs in 1989 to recognize the Statue of Freedom as a symbol for WORLD PEACE & FREEDOM. She was successful. You may read her words.

“Today is a historic and unprecedented occasion. You are the first committee of the first state legislature of the United States of America to hold a public hearing on the Lady of Freedom.... Each of us here is being given the opportunity to fulfill Hawai’i’s sacred Destiny — to bring PEACE & FREEDOM to the world, not just for mankind but for every manifestation of God’s creation, the animals that roam the earth, the birds in the sky, the fish of the ocean, the trees and even the rocks and atoms, and finally and not least Mother Earth. It is not by accident that Hawai’i is the 50th state, for in the Divine scheme of things, the number 50 represents Freedom, and you are the ones to herald in freedom according to Divine destiny.... “

“What the Lady of Freedom represents today is the I-dentity and rhythm of these United States. As each of us discovers our own unique identity, we will come to understand what the ancient Hawaiians knew- that life exists in all forms of creation, animate, and in animate. So it is with the Lady of Freedom. Why does she exist? She represents Freedom for the United States of America and for the Cosmos, not just for mankind but for all of creation. To initiate awakening in the people of our great country is its Divine destiny — to bring peace and freedom to the world and the entire cosmos....” 

The heart of this Ho’oponopono Prayer work has to do with “cleaning and clearing” the self to know thyself on a constant and continuous basis so one can be FREE and Sovereign. As Morrnah worked with her sacred “kapu” self, she worked with Lady Freedom and what could be called, the Spirit of America.

While doing, so she came to realize through her ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian teachings that the STATUE OF FREEDOM was the “Unihipili” — the physical-soul of the United States of America and something even greater (but you will have to read Katya Miller’s forth-coming book to find that out).

When Morrnah became aware of this, she saw her as being greatly burdened and needing to be cleaned and cleared and healed of all the memories thick with blood, and war, and crimes against humanity and the earth. 

Morrnah gave her life to this noble mission. It is noted that she worked tirelessly with the Lady of Freedom every single day with the Ho’oponopono prayers and the sacred Aloha up until her death in 1992. 

When people recognize her, they also recognize who they are. ~ Morrnah N. Simeona

O ka Maluhia no me oe, Ka Maluhia o ka “I” — Peace be with you, The Peace of I.

Author: Kristen Farquhar

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