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Canada Day

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Let peace be our journey and love be our fuel…. ~ Louise Bear

The Canadians are our neighbors to the north and we greet them. In gratitude and in grace for seven months, a growing Circle of Freedom friends have been in conversation with the Mohawk, Bear Clan Mother of the Haudenosaunee League of Nations (Iroquois) and her tribe of women. She is Louise Bear — Bear Clan — of the Mohawk Nation. She holds the title, “Lakoiane,” as one who has the authority to give names and re-call names in order to protect the lands for future generations not yet born.

Their territory moves in sovereignty over the border between our two nations. The name, “Canada” is Kanata in Mohawk and translates to “village” or settlement, and Akwesasne is the name of the Mohawk Nation Territory.

The name, “Kanata” was given in the 16th century with the intention that it be used to name designated lands, but it was done so under specific conditions. The conditions agreed upon were listed in a treaty between the people called, The Two Row Wampum. Peace is now sought this Canada Day 2021 for broken promises through the new mandate presented by the Iroquois to the Canadian Government called, The Empty Cradleboard.

Photograph: Louise Bear, Mohawk Bear Clan Mother asks for the Original Peace that was originally agreed upon and also asks to return to the original relationship and understanding that was once shared between countries. She, the Mohawk Chief and family, addresses Marc Miller, a Minister of Indigenous Services and member of the Canadian House of Commons. Location: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada. Date: June 1, 2021.

Author: Kristen Farquhar @EnvironmentalVoice

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