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America’s Secret

Katya Miller, Historian, Author and fellow at the US Capitol has been asked to speak to the esteemed California Alumni Club Thursday February 20, 2020. She will speak about AMERICA and FREEDOM as a woman atop the Capitol dome, also known as the Statue of Freedom aka Lady Freedom.

The presentation is private and only for the graduates of UC Berkeley, California and their guests, but soon, as her greatly anticipated book Lady Freedom - Heart of the Nation becomes available to the public — many will hear her timely message.

Critical for our time is the fact that as Miller‘s work becomes more widely known, so too will Lady Freedom and this is necessary as our country now moves through great-growing pains of identity.

When we begin to see the Lady atop the dome, we will see ourselves and America as who we were born to be: Free, Sovereign and Strong.

Katya Miller is a UC Berkeley graduate from the People's Park era.  She received her BA degree in Design, with a minor in Art History.  She is currently writing two books about the Statue of Freedom, based on her original research at the US Capitol, where she received a Research Fellowship in 2012-13.  She is the author of two articles which have been published in the journal of the US Capitol Historical Society.


CAL ALUMNI CLUB Saddle Club Dinner –February 20, 2020

Speaker & Topic: “The Secret atop the U.S. Capitol Dome” featuring Katya Miller, from the United States Capital Historical Society

The next Saddle Club Dinner will be held on Thursday February 20, 2020, with cocktails starting at 5 p.m. and buffet dinner at 6 p.m.

Our speaker will be Katya Miller, a United States Capital fellow speaking on the topic of the Statue of Freedom, erected on the Capital dome in 1863 which was hidden in plain site during the civil war.

Please join us to celebrate the winter season by sipping cocktails by the cozy fire in the club house and partaking in a delicious meal in the dining room with a spectacular view of the Trione Polo field and the Mayacamas mountains in the Valley of the Moon.

All alumni are welcome and please consider becoming a “Friend of Cal” and enjoying all our dinners and events.

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