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A Call to Consciousness for All Government for All People

Inspired by Lady Freedom

By Kristen Farquhar 

The Lady of Freedom, who stands above the United States Capitol in Washington DC, stands for Freedom, Strength, and Peace, but so few see her. It’s time we did.

She does not fight, but she does stand and will no longer be used for ill purposes. She is the feminine and a mother, she is the earth and she is us - the US of A.

The highest freedom is FREEDOM OF MIND for it is the perpetuation of mind that is spirit.

In this time of unprecedented change, know that we will get through, and when we emerge — we will be stronger for having endured.

Lady Freedom represents the Spirit and Consciousness of the Nation and more, and was proclaimed to be a Symbol of World Peace by the Hawaiian House Committee on Intergovernmental Relations and International Affairs in 1989. 

The woman responsible for this act was, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a kahuna lapaʻau of Hawaiʻi. Like her mother before her, she was a healer and was endowed with a very special gift. She could heal by using the ‘sound of words.’ This gift expressed through her Ho’oponopono Prayer which is practiced worldwide.

Morrnah knew the “Unihipili” or subconscious of Lady Freedom, (that which sees all, the seen and the unseen) was heavily burdened with the weight of many wars, tears and bloodshed. Morrnah took it upon herself to begin to “clear and clean” these painful memories. To do this, she had to work deeply with her own “I”dentity. This is Ho’oponopono. She continued the practice up until her death in 1992.

Ramsay Taum, teacher (kumu) was a dedicated and loyal student of Morrnah’s and accompanied her to that memorable meeting in 1989. He continues her practice today. 

He knows that to heal Lady Freedom’s wounds, we must heal ourselves and then, only then, can we begin to heal our nation and perhaps even our world. 

Time to look beyond the symbols and the words to the truth, but each must find it on their own. There is to be no fear, but there is responsibility. May we all do our part

Link to Original Document: Hawaiian HCR 390 with Morrnah Simeona and Ramsay Taum:

Ramsay Taum, Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific


Kristen Farquhar 


Katya Miller


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