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New Stamp: Lady Freedom on the Capitol Dome

There is a new 2018 stamp, and she is the Statue of Freedom who stands on the United States Capitol dome in Washington D.C. She has stood up high for a hundred and fifty years, but is barely known, let alone seen, and she represents us, the United States of America! I don’t know about you, but for me, this 2018 high-denomination stamp could not have come at a better time. Plus, she evokes the historic 1923 stamp that labeled her as “America” which I think is pretty phenomenal.

Stamps are used to honor historical events, noble causes and many worthy people. Symbols of women have been used in politics and government around the world since ancient times. Our Lady of Freedom is also known as “America.” She is the protectress of the nation reminding us to stand tall and unite for the good of this land, and all its people.

Art director, Greg Breeding designed the three different colored stamps that offer a modern take on vintage-patriotic stamp art for use on packages, large envelopes and other mailings. The stamps are intaglio-printed which means the design was transferred to paper from an engraved plate. They are available in emerald green on the $1 stamp, indigo blue on the $2 stamp, and brick red on the $5 stamp. People may purchase the Statue of Freedom stamps and First-Day Covers at The Postal Store at, by calling ‪800-STAMP24 (‪800-782-6724) or at Post Office facilities nationwide.

Background story: As the Bureau of Engraving and Printing prepared their stamps in 1875, a preliminary drawing of the Statue of Freedom came to them labeled, “Head of America.” The stamp engraver, John Eisler (1873-1962) used America in 1917 for preliminary drawings, and again in 1922. The U.S. Stamp Legacy Collection became popular with carmine-lake red, white, and dark blue for the five-dollar stamp of March 23, 1923. The border ribbon holds the title, America, with laurel boughs embracing her head covered with a crown of five-pointed stars and an Eagle Headdress.

In Katya Miller’s upcoming Book - Beloved Freedom: Secret on the Capitol Dome, she tells about the making of the Statue of Freedom from the Civil War to being refurbished in 1993. Using the name, America for the Statue of Freedom is part of a 500-year history that has been lost and asleep, but now hopefully awakens.

Blog by Katya Miller & Kristen Farquhar © 2018, All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Elise Brown, the great granddaughter of Sculptor, Thomas Crawford’s wife’s second husband, Painter Luther Terry for alerting us to this stamp. - Sign up on Author site!

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